All that glitters is not gold. 


The global anti-ageing Market is worth $42.51bn. Selling us Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Stretch Mark, Anti-Cellulite. Hair Colourants, Breast Augmentation. Liposuction, UV Absorption. Microderm Abrasion, Eye-Lid Surgery, Facelifts. Skin lightening.


Prevent. Change. Remove. Fix. Make ‘beautiful’. We've had enough!

Ageism is first reported in children as young as six. Being raised on a diet of hags and witches programmes kids to believe a woman's value is based on what she looks like and youthfulness is the ultimate attribute of beauty.


This message is amplified by the ad industry your whole life. The ‘war on wrinkles’. The need to ‘hold back the signs of ageing.’ To ‘restore youth’.


We’re born into a fight against the way we look. And it’s a fight we can’t win. 

Brands flog ‘miracle’ creams containing snails and crushed pearls and gold. And yet, if a woman used a home brand moisturiser instead of the cheapest anti-ageing product and put the savings into her pension she would have something like £60,000 more for retirement. 


Oh, and her skin would look exactly the same. 

There is no magic cream and facelifts are sold on fear (90% are performed on women in their forties). By the time you hit your 50s, you recognise the only way you’re going to ‘hold back the tide’ is with surgery, pain, and a hell of a lot of money. We can choose to have work done or watch our faces age with fascination. But we’re no longer buying a fear of ageing.


We love taking care of ourselves and our skin. But we want beauty products that celebrate the visible signs of ageing as our empathy, our wisdom and our experience. 

Because  midlife is our golden age and it's beautiful.