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The bros in ad agencies say we don't exist with things like; "They never transitioned into digital" or "They gave up when they had kids". Nah, we're all so brilliant we have gone on to build successful businesses, write books, make films, become commentators and activists. We think they say we don't exist because we can run rings around them creatively. 

Me too. You too?  Them too? No way!


We’ve all  fought for (and fought off) almost everything we’ve changed. A few of us are still standing and are determined to send the elevator down for the next generations of women. 

But first we need to stem the tide of unemployment and underemployment of midlife women.

Business knows the challenges facing the workforce of the future. They also know that ignoring the most experienced and under-utilised talent pool will cause massive economic turmoil. If we don’t take action now, a large percentage of today’s midlife women will be forced to retire in poverty.

And that’s not good for anybody.

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We’re not out of time. We’re out of patience.


Ageism first appears in children as young as six. No wonder when they’re fed a visual diet of sweet old grannies or wicked witches (the older woman’s madonna/whore trope.)  

A more realistic image of today’s mature women would be as a mum. We’re having kids later so a hell of a lot of us will be full-on parenting till well into our sixties.

And we’re nothing like our grandmothers – we’re going to live twenty years longer than them for a start. 

We are the most educated women ever. We are the wealthiest women ever. We are the healthiest women ever.  We are experiencing the most powerful time of our life.

Oh, and we buy 47% of everything.

We’re getting very tired of waiting for marketers to work that out.

Look at us differently.

Respect us.

Employ our wisdom.

Value us.

Let us create our future.

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We’ve been your age.

You’ve never been ours.


When brands finally realise where their bread is buttered, they’re going to find their agencies only have young people to talk to us. No one would hire a group of teenagers to reach women in their thirties. 


This is absolutely no different.

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If you’re serious about midlife women. Employ us.


Uninvisibility is a network of some of the world’s most experienced creative women, strategists, film makers, storytellers and business women who are passionate about creating a new narrative for the second half of life. We are backed by an army of over 7,500 highly engaged and influential social media followers. 

We are spreading our positive message and becoming highly visible.

We believe brands who profit from the most powerful consumer group on the planet should employ the most experienced creative women on the planet to consult, create, and communicate to the most difficult demographic to reach. A recent report from Bauer Media concluded that brands had ignored midlife women for so long they no longer “give a s**t about you or your products”.

We know how to make them care.

The Queen of Uninvisibility


Jane Evans wasn’t going to disappear without a fight. 

After a pioneering 30+ year career she was totally ignored by an industry with a youth fetish. And she wasn’t alone. 

She launched the Uninvisibility project to tell the stories of amazing women who are rarely seen.

Within six months Jane’s face was up on billboards. She has become a sought-after speaker and creative consultant. 

But that’s not enough.

Half of midlife women are struggling to make a living. And we mean half of ALL midlife women, including the incredible women featured on the Uninvisibility Project. Jane’s first mission is to ensure these and a host of other midlife creative and business women profit from their talent and experience by creating a new story for us, about us, and most importantly, by us.

Let's work together to put things right.


We are looking for brands and companies that want to partner to change the image of midlife women.

Advertising and content. We have the world’s greatest team to create brand messaging and creative that amplifies your brand’s purpose and gets straight to the heart of your consumer.

We can also work with you and your team behind the scenes to make your creative work and your workplace more midlife women friendly:

Boardroom consultations to assess your company or brands immediate needs and opportunities to engage with midlife women.

Workshops to create strategies to communicate or employ midlife women.

Keynotes about the infinite possibilities of midlife women.

Mentoring programmes for female leaders. 88% of female advertising and marketing women feel they have no one to look up to.

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Sisters are doing it for ourselves.


You can also just let is get on with it. We have a number of narrative-changing initiatives your brand can align to:

The Uninvisibility Project:  We are looking for an overall sponsor to allow us to continue sharing incredible women’s stories employing midlife photographers, writers and social media managers.

Events: We are planning a number of events to create a vibrant community inspired by experienced women.

Documentary: Jane has written a book entitled UNINVISIBLE. A manifesto for midlife women. We are currently looking for development sponsors to turn this into a powerful documentary.

Stock Library. We have partnered with Goldie magazine and The Open College of the Arts (50% of whose students are women over 40) to create VISIBLE STOCK a free resource of realistic images of midlife women. Major sponsor required.

Don’t be invisible to us.


We’d love to catch up and discuss all the exciting ways that Uninvisibility can become part of your brand’s purpose.

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