The best bit is in the middle.

The clue’s in the name: midlife is not old age. Now the majority of women in the developed world will now live 30 years beyond our original biological purpose, we’ve got a whole extra half a life to live, filled with possibilities.

It’s the most powerful time in a woman’s life. And it shows.

Midlife women are fit, energetic and brimming with confidence.

We have experience. We have wisdom. We have gravitas. 

We’re not afraid to say what we think, or do what we’ve always wanted to do. Because now we can.

We have freedom. We have money. We have time. Time we know better than to waste.

We’re travelling. We’re running and playing sport. We’re taking up cool new hobbies.


We’re using our knowledge and skills. We’re volunteering. We’re starting businesses. 


We’re eating out and exploring new cuisines.


We’re meeting new people and making new friends. We’re enjoying the single life.


We’re dating. We’re having sex. Yes, really. Great sex.


We’re not the hags and witches those fairytales said we were. Far from it. We have style.


We’re not the perpetual sweaty visions you see in the ads. Yes, menopause affects all of us differently and we need to talk about it. But it’s just a rewire and reboot. And it ends. 

And what’s on the other side is liberating. We’ve been given 30 extra years to play with. Don’t expect us to do it quietly.