Life is built on stories. It's time you heard ours.

Society is built on stories. But when it comes to midlife women, there’s a blind spot. Nobody sees us. Nobody hears us. 


Midlife women have been forgotten, ignored, silenced. Made invisible. 


There’s a whole new narrative that needs to be written about us. One that will inspire a new vision of the most exciting and powerful time in our lives. 


There are stories that need to be told. And who better to tell them than a legion of brilliant women the world expected to disappear.


Women part of the first generation to enter the workforce on masse.


Women part of the first generation to be living half our lives beyond our original biological purpose.


The original pioneers. 


Women with incredible stories. Stories that haven’t been told. Out of sight, out of mind. Until now.


We’ve been your age. You’ve never been ours. 


There’s no shortcut to wisdom. That can only be earned by doing the time.


You can rock bottom and still get back up. 


You can fail at things, but you can’t fail at life. You can’t fail at life because you’ve lived.  


And at our age, damn have we lived.